Webinar on Smarter Insights & Fraud Analytics for ERP Systems

I will be speaking on the topic “Smarter Insights & Fraud Analytics for ERP systems”.  Learn how to build machine learning models and how data wrangling can be utilized to […]

Securing HANA Database

Here is an interesting article that outlines various tips and recommendations to secure SAP HANA database. 6 Tips to Secure SAP HANA DB

The story of star notes

Have you ever noticed a star (*) mark in the serial number of your currency note? Here is what it means! Earlier, The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) used to […]

Interesting Errors in Currency Notes

Even with the demonetization hitting us hard to push towards digital payments, currency notes are still important in our daily lives. The need for paper currency has not reduced even […]


Interesting Errors in Postal Stationery

Philatelists love to have errors, freaks, and/or oddities (commonly referred to as EFO) in their collection. EFO are the stamps or stationery when anything goes wrong during the production process […]

Story of Pudukkottai Toli (1 amman cash coin)

Vijaya Toli (also called as 1 amman cash coin) is one of the smallest coins in the Princely state coins. Vijaya toli was released by Pudokkotai (Prudhvikota) – a kingdom and […]

Allow Admin Users only to login to HANA Database

During specific system activities, you may need to lock all the other users except Admin users to log in to the HANA DB. It is a tedious task to manually […]

SAP HANA Mini checks – How they can help Security Consultants?

With the introduction of SAP HANA’s future execution model, it is the responsibility of SAP Security consultants to manage the SAP HANA DB security as well. Activities such as User […]

Limit the no. of Line Items in SAP GRC ARM Request

While creating Access requests in SAP GRC, users might select too many roles which might result in Timeout error message during the submission, or Risk Analysis. To overcome this issue, […]

A Right Approach for Building SAP HANA Privilege based Roles

Designing, configuring, and implementing SAP Security is a complex and resource-intensive task. Hence, companies should identify the right approach before building authorizations. This is also important when it comes to […]

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