Half of the enterprises today have a poorly executed SAP security design which causes issues such as unauthorized access to the SAP system, increased potential risk, and numerous issues during the yearly audits. These enterprises give very less importance to a well-designed security strategy because of limited resources, knowledge, and functionality requirements, etc. However, it’s essential for businesses to proactively identify and address potential security issues to mitigate expensive and challenging issues related to risk and fraud.

With complex compliance guidelines and strict regulations, well-designed SAP security is a go-to option for organizations. A good and efficient security framework not only saves your business from regulatory and non-compliance penalties but also reduces the risk/fraud to a greater extent.

Below are the three major advantages of implementing a strong security design:

Reduces Fraud/Risk:

One thing that falls upon every organization is taking care of some events that can put SAP system at risk. These events involve-

  • Removing and adding authorizations for a short time period
  • External IP logins and logins at irregular time/hours
  • Giving access to non-IT team members
  • Inactive users or dormant user accounts
  • Managing segregation of duty (SoD) implications