SAP licensing optimization is always a complicated activity for many organizations. The various issues and/or problems faced in managing the SAP licenses, makes it hard to stay compliant with the SAP agreements. More than 80% of businesses are struggling to maintain numbers correctly – they are either over or under utilizing their licensing assets.

To optimally use SAP licensing optimization, many business owners even utilize optimization techniques and automated solutions.

It is really possible to automate the SAP Licensing Audit? Can this be handled by Bots or readymade on-the shelf solutions?

Sadly, most are using an immature optimization technique or solutions.

In this article, I am speaking about the most common myths of SAP licensing optimization, which may help you to understand more about the licensing optimization and the right ways to do it.

Myth 1: SAP Licenses Can Be Easily Optimized With applications developed using Bots/automation, or On-The-Shelf Solutions